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So here’s how it works

Over the next five days, I will unleash the TVpocalypse Top 25 poll (5 spots to be revealed each day…how’s that for a big dramatic build up?!). I will watch all of the shows. I will write about all of the shows. If shows are great, I keep watching. If shows suck, I stop watching and find a new show to replace said sucky show.

Now, in case you’re wondering how I have gone about creating the illustrious TVpocalypse Top 25 poll, I have assembled an imagined list of commonly asked questions to help you understand.

Hey, Scott, how the hell did you create a great TV show list and leave Mad Men off?!
Very simple, only shows that are in an active season are eligible to be on the list. For instance, if this list was created last week, Curb Your Enthusiasm would have been in the top 5. But, since that series finale went on-air last Sunday, Curb is now ineligible.

How do you decide which show is better than the other?
Again, very simple. I imagine a scenario where an episode of each of the two shows sits on my DVR. Whichever episode I would theoretically push play on first is the one I like better and is thus the one that is ranked higher.

When do you cut a show?
A few different ways actually. First would be if the network cancels the show. Duh. The next would be if a bunch of the shows start building up in my DVR’s queue. If I have 4 or 5 episodes of a show lying around unwatched, that’s probably a pretty good indication that I’m not all that interested. The last test I use is what I like to call “The Laptop Test”. My interest in a show is inversely proportionate to the amount of time I spend buried in my laptop. If I barely look up, that’s a bad sign. Of course, the other end of that spectrum would be if I don’t even bother to open my laptop (this happens once…maybe twice in a lifetime), then I know the show is top 5 material.

How does the poll work exactly?
I’m going to reveal the poll 5 spots at a time, starting with the twenty-fifth ranked show and working my way all the way up to the number one show on my DVR. The lower the number, the better the show.

Where do you find the time to watch all of this TV?
I don’t sleep.

Well, that should be about it. I hope you enjoy. I look forward to all of your comments and feedback. So without further ado, let the games begin!


It’s like life…only more important

The TVpocalypse DVR

The TVpocalypse DVR...prior to the 2011 Fall Season.

I have a confession. This isn’t my first blog. I wrote a blog for a little less than a year a few years back. Said blog was fairly well-received by friends and friends of friends and even some complete strangers. If we’re all being honest here (and by “we’re all” I mean me), I posted with little to no consistency and eventually just kind of stopped writing. Well, apparently, one needs to post entries to maintain a blog and some kind of readership. Lesson learned. So obviously this is a blog that you should start following religiously without even a shred of trepidation.

ANYWAY, the reason why I mention my previous foray into the world of blogging is that the concept for this blog was born out of one of the entries from my now defunct thatswhatscottsaid blog. “The 2008-2009 DVR Rankings” essentially merged my love of TV with my love of all things sports. I analyzed my seemingly endless Season Pass Manager and set out to rank the shows as if they were college football teams in the Top 25 Coaches Poll (real heady stuff…I know).  This “TV poll” will be the backbone of TVpocalypse. We’ll start with a preseason Top 25 and re-evaluate every Monday. Some shows will rise, some will fall and some will make you sit back and scratch your head and wonder why the hell I was even watching that show to begin with.

Before you start worrying that I won’t have enough shows in my rotation to make for a respectable weekly poll (and thus for a compelling blog), let me assure you…I watch TV. Now, I know what you’re saying, “Hey, I watch TV too! This guy’s just like me! I’m definitely going to read this blog ALL THE TIME!!!” Either that or “Ummm, who the f#% DOESN’T watch TV?!” (probably the latter, but it’s so much easier to delude myself into believing it’s the former). Allow me to explain.

When I say “I watch TV”, I mean I watch TV…like ALL of TV. I will pretty much try any show once. And I mean ANY show. There will definitely be something in this poll for everyone. From Sons of Anarchy to Top Chef. From Jersey Shore to Boardwalk Empire. From American Chopper to Gossip Girl (yep, I just outed myself as a Gossip Girl fan). And when you watch that much TV, you’re constantly forced to make tough choices. Two shows running at the same time…which one do you watch live? Three shows on all at once? Which one do you cut out? And if you do cut one out….is there another show out there to pick up (obviously, the answer to that question is always yes). These are the scary important life decisions that we will tackle here at TVpocalypse.

So consider yourself invited.
Invited to tell me I’m crazy for even bothering to try and watch The Playboy Club.
Invited to tell me I’m equally crazy because I somehow missed season 1 of Walkng Dead.
Invited to further encourage my borderline life-crippling addiction.
Invited to help determine which show will become my favorite TV show.
Consider yourself invited to witness the TVpocalypse.

Be sure to check back later today for the afore mentioned Preseason TVpocalypse 25 poll….in theory anyway.