The Weekend Rally

Olivia and Olivia. Of course.

Olivia and Olivia. Of course.

Introducing the recurring theme for my weekend-end posts. You see, with 25 shows (and then some) on the docket and a mere 120 hours of potential viewing during the week (less if you include work), the Weekend Rally is what makes the TVpocalypse a possibility.

So until someone decides to fire up and offer me some sort of a revenue stream based on my abnormal television habit, my weekends have become a DVR binge that is essential in keeping up with what at times seems to be every show currently on the air. But more than just catching up, I have found that the Weekend Rally is possibly the best litmus test for my feelings towards the shows in the TVpocalypse Top 25. Basically, if you’re a show and you’re sitting on my DVR on Sunday night when I go to bed, it’s pretty safe to say that I’m none to excited about you (not really sure how you, the reader, would become a show really…but I think you get the point). So, with that theory in mind, I give you the inaugural edition of….


The Unwatched List
This week, of the 25 shows in the poll, 19 had new episodes. Of those 19 shows, two remain on my DVR unwatched. Harry’s Law. Person of Interest. Congratulations, you’re officially on the “watch” list for not being watched. The new poll will be revealed tomorrow, and it’s pretty safe to assume these two will probably be creeping south.

If these were the shows that I chose not to watch, this next weekly award is for the show that I only WISH I chose not to watch. With that, I give you the….


Worst Episode of the Week

Fringe (Neither Here Nor There)
Generally, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I judge my disinterest in an episode by the amount of time I remain buried in my laptop. The more I’m trolling Facebook, the less interested I am in the show…obviously. But beyond apathy, is disdain, and that is what Fringe drew out of me this week. I was flat out aggravated.

It’s never a good sign when, as you’re watching a show you think you like, you find yourself asking questions like, “What the hell is going on here?”…“Where the hell are they?”…“When the hell are they?”…and of course, “What f’n universe are they in?” This show REEKS of Lost (and in my book, that’s not a good thing…it actually may be the worst thing). It seems that J.J. Abrams is just as confused about where this show goes as he was with his other eminently hopeful, yet decidedly disappointing show.

They might as well have called this year’s season premiere a series premiere. Because by combining the two universes and creating yet ANOTHER universe, the show has essentially made viewing of the previous seasons a complete waste of your time. Suddenly characters from these previously separate universes are now thrown into the same world to establish brand new relationships (Don’t even get me started on the ridiculousness that is having two Olivia’s dealing with each other in this new world). And even worse than that, they’ve seemingly made every effort to do away with any and all remnants of the relationships and inter-character dynamics that brought you in to this show to begin with. I mean, no Pacey? That’s your idea?! We only see Peter in windows and mirrors and in the reflections of his father’s television set?! That should make for some meaningful scenes between he and the rest of the cast that we’ve been watching grow together over the last 3 seasons!

So at this point, as a viewer of this show, you’re being asked to learn about a whole new cast of characters. To quote the great Ricky Watters, “FOR WHO? FOR WHAT?” “Oh yes J.J., let me go all in and learn ALL about Olivia and her new friend alternate-universe Olivia, so that come this year’s season finale you can go ahead and fuse this universe with some other universe I can’t even begin to understand so that all of this season is also rendered completely meaningless and we can do this all again next season!!!”.

In my mind, this would be the equivalent of someone taking my children away from me every year and replacing them with new kids who both have the same names as the children they replaced. And this someone has not only replaced my children with complete strangers, but is now somehow confused that I don’t love them the exact same way as I did the two little girls that I spent years getting to know and understand and love. OK, maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, if this show doesn’t make a rally of its’ own, something tells me it’s about 4 or 5 weeks away from having 4 or 5 episodes sitting unwatched on my DVR.

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I'm the Creative Director at Citizen Relations. I love my daughters, Springsteen, as well as what some would argue to be an unhealthy amount of TV. You can follow me on Twitter: @scocchiere.

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  1. Okay, we’re still friends. I was horribly disappointed by the premier of “Fringe.” I think it was even worse than I had imagined after seeing Peter disappear at the end of last season. I’m not giving up yet, and I seriously hope that improves quickly.

    About the other titles in your “Unwatched List,” I’ll say that I watched a few episodes of “Harry’s Law” last season, but then the unwatched episodes piled up in the DVR, and I ended up deleting without watching. It wasn’t a bad show, it just wasn’t one that I loved.

    I did watch “Person of Interest” over the weekend. I’m on the fence. I want to like it, and for the most part, it was an interesting premise with good acting. I say give it a try.

    • Let’s put it this way, I’m already looking for replacement shows…

      • Oh noooo, don’t tell me that. Fringe was one of my favs (until last season started to get a little “off” to me) and sooo wanted them to come back strong this time!

        I haven’t watched all my DVR shows yet and this is still one to see…

        Hopefully it gets much better!

        Kesha from #commenthour

      • Unfortunately I’m at a point with fringe where it’s literally living episode to episode. I’m sure they’ll do just enough to stick around for another week….but they better do something drastic fast.

  2. When you start cataloging it like this, it makes me think I need a 12 step program to deal with my addiction to TV. A note about Blue Bloods…agree with your earlier assessment that the Reagans have everything covered among the four of them. Had to laugh this week when Erin just happened to be with the victim’s wife when he was killed and had to notify her all by herself. Still, I found the conclusion slightly stirring (as they all are) when the new mayor recounted his childhood with the neighborhood cop, aka, the commissioner himself. Also, I think the story arc beginning with Jamie shows promise. Love Selleck in his role if for no other reason than his politics and love of horses. Granted, these are two things that have nothing to do with acting, but, whatever. I’m not even sure he’s is a good actor, but I believe him in this role.

    When you start dumping programs, I’ll suggest Against the Wall, another good, multi-generational cop show. And by good, I mean it’s another cop show. I’m going to need it because I’m pretty sure SVU is not going to be a go-to show for me without Stabler. He can’t be replaced, as evidenced by the lackluster season opener.

    And after skipping a season or two of Amazing Race, I’m all in for this year. It’s one of those shows I don’t look forward to watching, but when I do watch it, I see how great it really is.

    • Agreed on the Jamie storyline…and on Selleck…on all fronts.

      I’ve already been thinking about a post for some replacement shows and I think your comment might have actually inspired an idea for tomorrow’s post. Stay tuned…and thanks for reading!

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