The TVpocalypse Pre-Season Top 25 Part 2


Rip...I mean Stef...I mean James Spader approximately an eon ago.

20. Harry’s Law (Wednesdays @ 9pm on NBC)
The only thing more ambiguous than a dime a dozen cop show, is a dime a dozen courtroom show. Apparently I missed the first season (never really heard of it), but somehow I don’t think it will be much of an issue. Yet with Kathy Bates on board I’m somewhat blindly hopeful.

It’s the TV equivalent of considering whether to take it to the next level with that stripper you’ve spoken to at the club a couple of times (I’m sure we’ve all been there before). You know the one…she’s got five kids from four dads. You know…the one with the somewhat questionable, sore-ish looking thing near her lip. You really do know it’s not a good idea. But she is stripper hot, and you think maybe — just maybe — this time it will be different. And then you allow yourself to talk yourself into it. Bad idea.

Committing to this show is a decision I pretty much know I’m going to regret sooner rather than later. And when I say sooner, I mean sooner as in 4 weeks from now when NBC unceremoniously dumps this show only after allowing me just enough of time to get fully roped in.


19. Person of Interest (Thursdays @ 9pm on CBS)
A moment of candor (just a moment…I promise), prior to Sunday I was not planning on watching this show. And then I watched the Jets v. Jags game and Pats v. Chargers game back-to-back, and in that time I would conservatively estimate that I saw an ad/trailer/live read for Person of Interest some 492 times. That’s a conservative estimate. And despite the fact that I work in marketing, I let the CBS marketing machine have it’s way with me and now have this show locked and loaded on my DVR.

So while I do feel somewhat cheap, stupid, naive and used for allowing myself to be railroaded like this, I back into a justification by telling myself that Ben from Lost and Jesus from The Last Temptation of Christ are on the show. And you simply can’t argue with Ben and Jesus logic.


18. House (Mondays @ 9pm on FOX)
This is the last season for House, and that might very well be the only reason I’m still there. That pretty much says it all I think.


17. The Office (Thursdays @ 9pm on NBC)
See above, except insert The Office where it says House.

The big cliffhanger from last season will be revealed on Thursday’s season premiere….Who’s the new boss?!! And while cliffhangers are usually a good thing, there’s a slight problem with this one.  And that would be that none of the episodes with any of the new boss candidates were all that good.

I wouldn’t take it as far as saying I care who is named boss, but I think it’s more that I care who isn’t. And really, there are two candidates who I’m hoping don’t become the new Michael Scott.

The first is Will Ferrell. To fully understand the gravity of this statement, you need to understand that I love Will Ferrell. It’s not that I like some of his work, I literally love all of it. Anchorman. Talladega Nights. Step Brothers. Yes, yes, and yes. But in there lies what may be the biggest indictment of just how lost this show has become. They couldn’t even get a Will Ferrell appearance right. It just wasn’t funny.

The next candidate I don’t want to see become the new boss would be James Spader. Seeing as how I missed all of his more recent Boston Legal work, I’m just going to go ahead and call him Rip — his character’s name in Less Than Zero. And therein lies the problem. Rip is my permanent James Spader point of reference, or more precisely, all of the characters he played in that era are. Drug pushers. Entitled rich kids. Swarmy, spineless rats. That’s the James Spader I know and love. The only thing going through my mind every time I see him on screen is “She thinks your shit Stef, and deep down, you know she’s right!” As I write this, I am beginning to realize this might actually be more of a personal issue.

Anyway, it should be interesting to see where they go with this on Thursday…or maybe it won’t be…and maybe that’s why The Office is ranked 17th.


16. Pan Am (Sundays @ 10pm on ABC)

Apparently networks other than HBO are allowed to air programming on Sunday night. I had no idea. Seriously though, who the hell at ABC thought this was a good idea?! A period drama up against HBO programming? God forbid they shave The Bachelor down to 6 hours of programming a week and get this on a weeknight, huh?

Aside from that though, I honestly don’t know a whole helluva lot about this show (of course, I won’t let that stop me from setting up a Season Pass for it). Like I said, it’s a period drama. It has Christina Ricci. And it details a gloriously romantic time in American history when air travelers didn’t have to have to pay an additional $30 for the honor of traveling with their luggage.

I’m definitely not as certain about this one as I am about The Playboy Club, but let’s just say I wouldn’t be stunned to see a whole bunch of 20/20’s in this timeslot come November.

If you haven’t be sure to check out part 1 of the TVpocalypse Pre-Season Top 25 poll and be on the lookout for part 3 tomorrow!


About Scott Cocchiere

I'm the Creative Director at Citizen Relations. I love my daughters, Springsteen, as well as what some would argue to be an unhealthy amount of TV. You can follow me on Twitter: @scocchiere.

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  1. Not sure I agree with House. That show just got weird the past few seasons.

    Looking forward to Part 3! I’m in a major TV rut and have always respected your TV recommendations.

  2. Not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing, but I am only 1 for 10 in watching the same shows as you thus far. And like you I watch a ton of shows. It must be a Michigan vs. Penn State thing.

  3. Didn’t realize House is still on the air. They lost me with that competition to replace whoever it was who died or whatever it was that happened. And then the other doctors moved to other departments. Over it.

    Agree with you about Ferrell. It was a terrible role, and it was painful to stick in there for the 30 min. episodes. Even though I haven’t seen him since circa Pretty in Pink, I like Spader. Maybe he’ll breathe new life into the show. I think it lost its soul when Michael left, but it was getting tired even before then. I’ll withhold judgment for another 48 hours or so.

    Is Up All Night on your list? Underwhelmed. How about Free Agents? I didn’t see any ads, but I thought it was hilarious. Make some room for that on Tivo.

    • I don’t know that House realized House was still on the air. As for Up All Night…stay tuned for tomorrow’s post! And I’m a no on Free Agents as of now. My simplest answer as to why would be that I really don’t like Hank Azaria. A lot.

  4. “Beethoven, okay. He looked at the piano and it just made sense to him. He could just play. Scott Cocchiere, he just looked at the DVR and could play.” Good Will Hunting.

    • I look at a piano, I see a bunch of keys, three pedals, and a box of wood.

      But I can’t argue…my DVR, TV, bad pop culture references….these are all things that make sense to me. I find that if information adds no value or social meaning then I generally have an amazing recall of it. Not the best career/life building model I guess.

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